Our closings look a lot different in 2020 than ever before! Our team’s safety and our clients’ safety are just as important as the legal services we provide. We have found ways to conduct closings under circumstances that we never would have dreamed of just a few months ago. We visit clients outside their homes, we pass papers through car windows, we close under tents, we close on folding tables, and we even created a closing room out a window under an exterior staircase at our office.

It all started one weekend with Attorney Pizzuti and I building a makeshift canopy and laying pavers for our clients to walk across. We wanted a safe, dry, comfortable space for our clients to conduct business. For many of these clients during March and April, meeting with us was the first time they had ventured into public. People appreciated that they felt safe and were able to help make their dreams of owning homes or goals of refinancing come true. Our entire staff has stepped up by working in shifts and making the “drive thru” closings possible by adhering hundreds of “sign here” stickers to closing packages.

Most importantly though, during, trying times, a can-do attitude prevailed. Moving forward, we don’t know what the future will bring, but we are as committed as ever to safely represent our clients and conduct closings. If you bring your mask and a pen, then we will find a way to achieve your goals!